Chicago and Miami Voice Over Actors

Every voice over fan would have a list of their favourite voice over artists. It is likely that no list is the same, but we dare come up with names that would definitely in anyone’s list. Here are five iconic and influential voice over actors who [more]

How Fast Can You Talk?

Voice actors read – A LOT Let’s clarify that a little: voice actors read a lot, out loud. We have to read out loud when we warm up every day. We have to read out loud when we practice every day. We have to read out loud when we do multiple [more]

Need a Voice Actor Fast?

Voice translation service is one of the well known and popular translation providers that are also having voice over services for their client. The company had announced variety of rates with regards to voice over services recently. The rates [more]

Help Casting the Right Voice

Voice Talent Casting Our extensive network of native-speaking talent, voice directors and coaches means you’ll have the best talent for your project, whether your script calls for a cartoon character, mature broadcaster, or fresh voice with a [more]